The Surprising Benefits of Writing Every Day

As of today, I have written and posted a full month’s worth of blog posts. From the start I’ve planned to continue this practice as long as I can, but it wasn’t till near the end of the month that I really started feeling the benefits and incentive of writing daily.

It makes me want to write. Two days ago I finished a blog post as the daily routine. Those recorded thoughts got me to thinking, and soon enough I had written the next day’s blog post as well. That put me in an unexpected dilemma: Should I skip writing tomorrow and just post what I’d written, or keep writing each day and get ahead? In the end I found I actually wanted to write more and get ahead. It was a lovely discovery and makes me even more excited to continue blogging daily.

I think more fully. I have increasingly found myself writing blog posts in my head about something I found interesting that day, coming up with several completed thoughts instead of just looking at something and thinking ‘well, that’s cool.’ I must have thought over today’s post a dozen times before writing it now. They say that if you go through an action three times in your head, it’s equivalent to practicing it once live. This gives me immense encouragement for the quality of my future posts.

I can move on to new thoughts. Once something is fully written and posted, I’ve thought about it, typed it out, and it’s no longer bouncing around in my head. This makes room for new ideas to build off the blocks I place. Imagining trying to build a tower by creating the most beautiful, strong, intricate bricks, and then never actually placing them on top of each other; would you ever be able to finish the tower and build something else? Blogging daily allows me, metaphorically, to build my towers and move on.

All this after only a month of blogging! I can’t wait to move on to more exciting, fulfilling, well made, finished projects in the future.

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